General Introduction

Private schools in Nepal have a long and cherished history. They were established to support the governmental endeavors at improving aces and quality of education in Nepal and thereby fulfill Nepal's commitment of providing all its children with the opportunities to education. As more and more private schools were established before and after 2028 BS throughout the country, a big need was felt for an organized institution in order to guide, promote, give permanency, protect the private schools by private investors, harmonize, co-ordinate and professionally develop the education system and institutions of the nation, enhance and safeguard the professional right of the founders, all round development and safety of the professional rights of the principals, teachers staff and students,  help and coordinate the various educational, social activities and functioning of the private schools, National PABSAN was established.

National PABSAN or Private and Boarding Schools’ Association, Nepal, a non-political and non-profit making organization, is the most renowned, active, largest and widespread umbrella organization of private and boarding schools in Nepal, and is registered with Government of Nepal. 

It has always believed that to provide the right schooling to children, it is first imperative that good schools are established.  Good schools require good infrastructure, trained and dedicated professional human resource, proper planning and management of all activities, and their continuous supervision and monitoring. It is offering its member schools with help and guidance so that these essential prerequisites of good schools are incorporated and schools become centers of excellence.