Message From President

Message From President

As a proud and greatful President of the National PABSAN, I wish all my friends on its 23rd Foundation Day. We celebrate the glorious legacy that continues to inspire us, and we share an unbounded optimism in our continued impact and relevance in shaping and enriching the prospects of private schools of Nepal. 

On the occasion of 23rd Foundation Day, I wish to thank three groups of  people who played, are playing and will play a pivotol role in the development of our association.

First - To the group of early pioneers who conceived the need of an association which could truly serve our schools, believed and acted upon an idea that such an association will be useful to promote and serve its members.Twenty two years ago a handful of visioneries had an idea that has grown to benefit so many. We are all part of an incredible association and I want to extend my hearty greatfulness to all those involved for their tireless efforts.Thank you for serving us so faithfully and offering so much values to our profession.

Second - To the group of leaders and members who expanded the original vision of the association by offering exciting new activities and events along with massive membership growths,. It has been accelerating to observe the growth of the association into the dynamic entity that it is today which has such a powerful influence on media advocacy, government agencies and entire stake holders.

Many thanks to all the leaders and members of this association, past and present, who have shared their passion and talent to norture this esteemed association.

Third - To the group of future leaders and members who will continue to develop our association into a more vibrant and prosporous organisation of educational arena in Nepal.

Lets salute our legacy ;  A distinguished past ! A vibratnt present ! And a rewarding future !